Who we are


INCROS S.A.S. traces its origins back to 1989, when scientific research was first undertaken. Since then, the company has successfully met its commitment to provide the answer to the market need for a nutritious excellent-quality food product for ornamental fish and, at the same time, facilitate the feeding process and aquarium maintenance, while keeping the water clean.

All these years INCROS has encouraged research and innovation, focusing on the analysis of the nutritional requirements, eating habits and behavior of fish. Today INCROS enjoys wide recognition of optimal nutrition and superior-quality products, which favor the health, colors, vitality and longevity of fish. As a result of constant growth, the company now exports to several countries


To develop, produce and market, at national and International level, feeds for ornamental fish that meet the highest quality standards, which ensure a balanced nutrition and thereby fish of greater beauty and greater levels of longevity, and at the same time, facilitate the feeding process and maintenance of aquariums. To promote research and develop aquaculture products, aimed at the industry in general. To use the best ingredients, in order to provide excellent nutrition, health and
wellbeing, while fostering environmental protection.
To keep our human resource motivated and committed, through policies that favor education, training and personal growth.

Quality Policy

INCROS works to ensure the highest nutrition,  harmlessness and safety standards in the products offered by us, thanks to our professional working team and a productive process that guarantees high quality and security, as well as an excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.


INCROS seeks to strengthen and consolidate its presence in the national and international market in five years’ time, by positioning itself as a benchmark in quality and
innovation in the ornamental fish feed industry and delivering nutritional solutions for the aquaculture sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy​

INCROS focuses on the achievement of high standards of nutrition and food safety with the support of a professional working team and the alignment of quality and safety management, as well as an excellent pre-sales and post-sales service.

INCROS  is also committed to sustainable development and, therefore, identifies as fundamental basis in the planning and design of its processes, the protection of the environment to prevent negative environmental impacts on society.