The best ornamental fish for a beginner aquarium


If you have little experience when looking for freshwater fish to keep in your home aquarium, here is a list of the 10 best freshwater fish for a beginner aquarium: Guppies. Very high on the list are guppies. This colorful freshwater aquarium fish, available in a wide variety of colors, can eat regular fish flakes […]

Some advice when buying ornamental aquarium fish

Once you have decided on buying ornamental fish for your aquarium, keep the following in mind: First of all, ask the shopkeeper in your local pet store to feed the fish you are interested in buying. Healthy fish will eagerly spring at the food. Make sure there are no dead fish or foul water in […]

Frequent questions about how to feed fish

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How often should fish be fed? Eating frequency is a function of the type of ornamental fish, of the tropical or cold water kind.  However, they should usually be fed twice a day.  Keep in mind the fact that fish will eat whenever they have the opportunity. This means that if you feed them, they […]