Food for shrimp larvae and post-larvae


The feed for larvae and post-larvae scientifically developed by INCROS is the result of an excellent-quality nutritional formulation, stable nutrients and high digestibility. 


Incros Micropulverized Feed For Larve And Post-larvae

Complete feed in powder form, made of digestible ingredients: its protein digestibility lies between 95% and 98%. This product line guarantees a balanced nutrition, consisting of marine animal protein, vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals and probiotics, essential nutrients for optimal development.


Product Benefits

Formulated with excellent quality protein (48% protein) and high digestibility, (95% to 98%)
Encourages growth, improving the survival of the animal.
 Presentation in dark color for easy visualization of the intake of the product
Stimulates energy and longevity
Strengthens the immune system

Guaranteed Analysis

Available Particle Sizes