Complete flake fish food for ornamental fish.
Firm, yet soft and thin flakes that do not cloud aquarium water.
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With over 30 years’ experience, INCROS has long succeeded in providing high-
quality products to meet the nutritional needs of ornamental fish. The INCROS brand today
represents a benchmark for quality, innovation and confidence. Our clients can be certain they are
offering their fish optimum nutrition, to keep them healthy and enhance their beautiful colors,
with high levels of protein, Omega 3 and a rich dose of vitamins and minerals. Our flakes are firm,
while also soft and thin, ensuring easier food intake by the fish.

Feed for Ornamental Fish

Our products in flakes guarantee a balanced nutrition, as well as a
pleasant taste, while keeping aquarium water clean. They contain marine animal and vegetable protein, Omega 3, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They are ideal for tropical fish, goldfish
and discus, among other species.

Aquaculture line

Our aquaculture line offers a complete selection of high-quality products intended as feed for shrimp larvae and post-larvae, consisting in micro-fine feed for each larval stage, which can be customized, depending on our customers’ individual needs.

These products have been scientifically developed with excellent-quality natural ingredients and highly digestible protein.

HACCP Certification

INCROS DE COLOMBIA has obtained HACCP certification, given that our management system fully complies with the HACCP protocols. This recognition reflects continual growth and constant verification of our production processes, in order for our products to ensure high quality, nutrition and safety standards.

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