Incros Vital, complete fish food

Ideal for the different life cycles of freshwater aquarium fish. INCROS, premium export product in flakes, contains 48% protein, Omega 3, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, enhances fish colors and does not cloud your aquarium water.

It is ideal for tropical fish, Goldfish and Discus Fish and may also be used as a supplement for ornamental marine fish and turtles.

INCROS VITAL comes in Doy-Pack bags with resealable zipper in packaging units 14.2 grs., 30 grs. and 100 g

Product Description

INCROS, excellent-quality aquarium fish food in flakes offers nine different benefits in just one product!

  1. Enhances fish colors
  2. With 48% protein
  3. With Omega 3, certified by the Colombian Corporation of Agricultural Investigation CORPOICA
  4. With vitamin and mineral supplements, certified and specially manufactured for INCROS by an international pharmaceutical laboratory
  5. For tropical fish
  6. For Goldfish
  7. For Discus Fish
  8. As a supplement for ornamental marine fish
  9. As a supplement for turtles