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Jan / 18 / 2017

Posted In: Tips

If you have little experience when looking for freshwater fish to keep in your home aquarium, here is a list of the 10 best freshwater fish for a beginner aquarium:


Very high on the list are guppies. This colorful freshwater aquarium fish, available in a wide variety of colors, can eat regular fish flakes and can also breed very rapidly, so be sure to keep an aquarium of all males or all females, if you are not interested in having so many guppy babies. They are so hardy that they can go over a week without food.


Danios are one of the most active fish in an aquarium. They are very hardy, eat regular fish flakes and can survive in different water conditions, which is ideal for those who have little experience with setting up a tank.

Neon Tetra.

One of the most popular type of fish for a beginner aquarium is the neon tetra. These cool freshwater fish are small in size, but like to be in big groups, so you can have as many as you want in your tank. They are easy to feed, as they enjoy fish flakes and come in beautiful bright colors.


Platies are a great addition to your fish tank as they are very peaceful and come in lots of different varieties and colors. They are also very easy to feed, given that they like regular fish flakes. Due to their ability to live peacefully with other non-aggressive fish, they are perfect for community tanks.

Cherry Barb.

Aside from being very friendly and active, cherry barbs can tolerate big changes in water parameters and, in general, enjoy fish flakes if you give them time to adjust to the new type of food. They also should be given time to get accustomed to their new surroundings. We recommend that you keep live plants in your fish tank, behind which they can hide to feel secure until they become confident enough; they can be one of the most active fish in the tank. They prefer to be kept in schools of more than six.

Fire Mouth Cichlid.

This type of ornamental fish was given its name thanks to its red coloring during breeding. They have been included in this list because they can be found anywhere, due to their high popularity, and are rather friendly, except during their breeding period, which is why we recommend that you provide rocks or plants for them to hide away while laying their eggs. They are also not complicated to feed, as they can be fed regular fish flakes which can be found in any pet store.


A cool freshwater fish, the gourami is one of the most colorful tropical fish. Its beauty, hardiness and friendliness make it one of the most popular fish for aquarium lovers. They can be fed normal floating fish flakes. They also like to hide, so be sure to keep a covering of floating ferns in your fish tank.

Tiger Pleco.

A very peaceful fish originating from the Amazon River, the Tiger Pleco likes to live at the bottom of your fish tank, for the most part eating the food that falls from the surface. Aside from keeping them well fed, fill the bottom of your aquarium with rocks and wood ornaments, where they will find their home, and they will last a long time.

Kuhli Loach.

Like the Tiger Pleco, this fish that looks like an eel will make the bottom of your aquarium its home. It has many advantages for a beginner fish tank, such as its friendliness, its ability to adapt to water changes and the fact that it will eat the food that has dropped from the surface, proving how uncomplicated its diet can be. It is recommended to keep them in groups of three at a time.


These graceful and beautiful fish, native to South America, are easy to care for, but you need to keep in mind that they must not be put in a tank with fish they do not get along with. So avoid grouping them with guppies or neon tetras. Instead, they get along great with large tetras, platies, mollies, giant danios, gouramis and swordtails. They can be a little fragile when they are young, but they become hardy as they grow older. You can give them floating fish flakes to eat and if you carry out regular maintenance, they will last a very long time.