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Jan / 17 / 2017

Posted In: Tips

Once you have decided on buying ornamental fish for your aquarium, keep the following in mind:

  • First of all, ask the shopkeeper in your local pet store to feed the fish you are interested in buying. Healthy fish will eagerly spring at the food.
  • Make sure there are no dead fish or foul water in any of the aquariums in the store.

Important indicators of illness are the following:

  • Abnormal stains, swellings or uncontrolled movements of fish denote illness or stress.
  • Abnormal coloring.
  • Damaged scales or other parts of the fish.
  • Spiral or vertical swimming.
  • Retracted fins (healthy fish spread out their fins).
  • Fish frequently begin by moving too much or staying still, before showing other symptoms of illness.