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Jan / 13 / 2017

Posted In: Tips

How often should fish be fed?

Eating frequency is a function of the type of ornamental fish, of the tropical or cold water kind.  However, they should usually be fed twice a day.  Keep in mind the fact that fish will eat whenever they have the opportunity. This means that if you feed them, they will eat.  Fish learn to recognize when you bring food to the aquarium and each time you do, they will approach the surface to be fed even if they do not feel the need.

 How much food should be added?

A sufficient amount of INCROS should be spread on the water surface, for consumption by the fish within a short period, no longer than five minutes.   The quantity to be administered should be adjusted depending on the amount and size of fish in the aquarium.  If necessary, another dosage of food can be added.  Nevertheless, if your fish do not eat the food given to them, it should be immediately removed with the help of a net, to avoid spoiling the water.

What benefits does INCROS offer?

  • It is well balanced, easily digestible and highly appealing to fish.
  • Fulfills basic nutritional needs of tropical fish, as well as those of goldfish.
  • Contains Omega 3, certified by the Colombian Corporation of Research, CORPOICA.
  • With vitamins and minerals, manufactured and certified for INCROS by an international pharmaceutical laboratory.
  • Ideal for mixed aquariums (containing different kinds of fish).
  • Keeps fish healthy, endowing them with higher resistance to typical illnesses.
  • Helps fish flexibility and permeability of membranes.
  • Enhances natural fish color.
  • Keeps aquarium water clear.
  • Prevents loss of appetite.
  • Benefits the digestive tract of fish.
  • Promotes growth of fish and provides more energy.
  • Helps reproduction.
  • Fish flakes have enough floatability for feeding purposes on the surface, center and bottom of an aquarium.