1. Enhances fish colors
  2. With 48% protein
  3. With Omega 3, certified by the Colombian Corporation of Agricultural Investigation CORPOICA
  4. Contains vitamin and mineral supplements, certified and specially manufactured for INCROS by an international pharmaceutical laboratory
  5. For tropical fish
  6. For Goldfish
  7. For Discus Fish
  8. As a supplement for ornamental marine fish
  9. As a supplement for turtles

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The best ornamental fish for a beginner aquarium

Jan / 18 / 2017

Posted In: Tips

If you have little experience when looking for freshwater fish to keep in your home aquarium, here is a list of the 10 best freshwater fish for a beginner aquarium: Guppies. Very high on the list are guppies. This colorful freshwater aquarium fish, available in a wide variety of colors, can eat regular fish flakes […]

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